6–10 Day Outlook

Valid: 02/02/1900

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UV Index Forecasts

The ultraviolet index or UV Index is an international standard measurement of the strength of sunburn-producing ultraviolet (UV) radiation at a particular place and time.

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El Niño & La Niña

El Niño & La Niña refer to both the warm and cool phases of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), a large-scale ocean-atmosphere climate phenomenon.

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U.S. Drought Information

Drought is a deficiency in precipitation over an extended period. The U.S. Drought Monitor (USDM) is a weekly product that provides a general summary of current drought conditions.

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Degree Days & Heat Index

Degree days are measures of how cold or warm a location is. The heat index is what the temperature feels like to the human body when relative humidity is combined with the air temperature.